We guide you through large patent landscapes by identifying and analyzing relevant intellectual property while showing you potential creative solutions. In doing so, we go beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking and develop new concepts that have the potential to stand out from the market and differentiate ourselves. This value creation is what we call concept mining.

We support the process of searching and analyzing existing patents in order to identify new innovation opportunities or to gain a better understanding of a particular technology landscape. This involves using various search strategies and tools to analyze and identify trends, gaps and potential areas for improvement or opportunities for the development of new products. Patent mining can be a valuable tool if our client wants to stay ahead of the competition.

A team of biomedical engineers work on the product design using CAD tools to create patient-centric solutions. Finite Element Computation is employed to optimize product stability and safety based on simulated load conditions that are known from biomechanics.

By leveraging our rapid prototyping capabilities in 3d-printing in plastics and our network to manufactures, we support in validating product design, usability and evaluating market readiness.

We ensure seamless design transfer to our clients’ manufacturer by providing guidance and support throughout the following steps: supplier selection, manufacturer process design, product drawings, material selection, define post-processing, packaging, labeling, pilot production, measurement series, inspection plans design of inspection gauges.

From developing the entire product testing strategy including test plans and acceptance criteria to execute ASTM standardized product testing, we excel at reducing V&V cycle times and by our international network to certified laboratories.

We help our clients create accurate and concise documentation for market approval that demonstrates compliance with design, regulatory, quality, risk management, and marketing requirements.


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